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Also, a person upthread outlined "rumors of Jackson sleeping with adult Adult men" that is bizarre. There was the bearding with numerous women plus the rumors of young boys - which is it. No rumors of Jackson with Guys - at any time.

I don't know very well what's scarier, there are individuals on DL who are much too Silly to feel Michael Jackson was a pedophile, or there are persons way too stupid to know the distinction between a gay guy plus a pedophile.

What does one indicate, "debunked"? Jackson was a sick person who harmed Youngsters, nevertheless the millions of admirers who keep on to look at him some childlike saint who just beloved Youngsters are the ones continuing the destruction.

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Simply because you recognize Together with the predators And do not provide a fuck what transpires into the prey. During which scenario you're a bit of shit.

He was a unpleasant, manipulative, totally egocentric lunatic monster who compensated his way through lifestyle getting just what he required - usage of boy pussy.

Why is it so difficult to believe that pedos are a certain perversion, independent from all other sexual orientations, whether they rape boys or women???? These men and women are incapable of being attracted to a article puberty male or woman and they're incapable of having a real romance with an adult.

When he was defending Michael, he actually should have let himself consider practically nothing undesirable occurred - I don't Imagine he was complicit in a canopy-up; then when he transformed his tune and Most people observed him as gold-digging - that weak dude.

I feel his nose bothered him, he was built fun of due to it. He admired more compact and sharper i.e. noses of "white" individuals and preferred his to look him that.

And at the conclusion of his daily life, he was catheterized, so weak he needed to be wheeled all upholstery cleaning Encino around in the wheelchair, and will not regulate his entire body temperature.

Michael was arrogant and thought that he could pull the wool around Anyone's eyes just because he was a mega star. And In most cases he was right. It baffles me how so Lots of people nonetheless refuse to determine him for what he really was!

Doesn't that make them accomplices? How can they get away with with it? It truly is their responsibility to circumvent crimes where by they are able to and so they did not In such cases. Their do very little approach produced it achievable for him to carry on to rape additional Young children.

As I stated in my post that you're apparently obsessed with, he's just an attractive bit of meat to me.

3rd, exactly where are all of these so known as Young children that received molested? Dont notify me they all took The cash. If you are genuinely hurt, normally you want to just take it to demo just to expose or harm one other man Even when you loose.

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